GIT: A primary tool for programmers

Today, programmers have many tools to simplify projects, one of them is called GIT, GIT allows programmers to manage multiple changes in the application. But, What does this mean? It means that Programmers can modify, restore or optimize various elements within the application.

GIT is commonly called a version controller. To understand this concept let’s review this example: suppose Peter is in his office working on  a new web page and is making changes in the connections with the database, while Jesus is in his house making changes in the appearance of the web site. Years ago joining programming code was very complicated, now with GIT all the code is in a large "repository" stored on the Web, this means that each programmer can have access to the complete program and changes history. Working this way both Peter and Jesus when they finish all the changes will upload it to the repository and the code will be a new version of the application.

Thanks to GIT we can guarantee that we will work simultaneously on your new project from anywhere and the team will be able to collaborate no matter where they are. The tool we use is called Bitbucket. Bitbucket is a great web platform created by Atlassian and allows us to create repositories both public and private, guarantee the security of the code of your application.

Atlassian (2017) on its official website indicates that the performance characteristics of GIT are very good compared to other alternatives, as it allows us to add new changes, branch, merge and compare previous versions with optimal performance. The algorithms implemented within GIT take advantage of the actual source file trees making this process of change in time possible through access patterns.

So if you were worried that your new project was developed without mishaps from remote places or you were just thinking about how to work as a team, we recommend you to investigate more about the subject. GIT is probably the solution you were looking for.


Authors: Fernando Cordova & Tyson Cardelli



Written by Kinetics Solutions


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